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My yoga journey began during a long cold winter twelve years ago in Montreal, the yoga was hot and I was cold. For a time I oscillated between stringent dedication and mediocre dabbling, then the desire to strengthen my self-practice led me to teacher training. I had no idea the profound effect it would have on me, igniting a deep-seated passion.

Yoga has been the perfect addition to Rooted in Calm because Yoga is more than just movement or Asanas. The practice and lifestyle of yoga is not just about the perfect posture, it’s about creating a deeper connection and awareness with ourselves.

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Allyson Kukel - Founder of Rooted in Calm

My style both on and off the mat is relaxed, inclusive, and attentive, with the goal of creating a safe space that allows each student to show up exactly as they are. There is a laid-back vibe to my classes which creates the space to let our guard down, laugh, strengthen our body-mind connection and rejuvenate ourselves through the practice.

My expertise lies in teaching others to conquer their inner chaos and boldly step into the healthiest, most fulfilled version of themselves. True freedom lies in having awareness and becoming the observer of our own thoughts, ultimately cultivating the power of choice to navigate each day with conscious appreciation.

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Yoga Experiences

“Allyson’s yoga class was amazing. She has a very relaxed way of teaching that helped me really listen to my body instead of being too hard for myself.

The combination of her down-to-earth instructions and her nice voice during the deepening meditation worked really well for me.

Thank you, Allyson, you’re a pro!”

Allyson Kukel - Founder of Rooted in Calm

As a meditation guide you can see me as a cheerleader for mental wellbeing, but much calmer. I create a warm welcoming space to allow people (of all ages) to meet themselves, just as they are. We start gently, allowing even the first-time meditator to get comfortable in silence so they can create a stillness in themselves that they can tap into whenever needed.

I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher.

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