Workweek Reset

Supporting employee wellbeing by redesigning the workweek to fit their lives.

Have you asked your employees how to make the other 40 hours more valuable to them? 

A traditional 5 day work week breaks down to 40 hours for work, 40 hours for sleep, and 40 hours for everything else. You are asking employees to consider the days they want to work, without truly pausing to consider how they spend their time, or better yet, they want to spend their time.

40 hours for work

40 hours for sleep

40 hours for ____

Tradition is a challenge to innovation.

Álvaro Siza

Be innovative:

  1. Reset – help employees turn off the autopilot, no more just going through the motions
  2. Reflect – take stock of the last 18 months, what worked really well and what did not
  3. Redesign – seize this moment and help your employees create a workweek designed to fit their life

Individual Sessions

In-person or Online

1 x 90 Minute deep dive

3 x 30 Minute bite size

Help your employees learn to spot hitting life’s snooze button and redesign their workweek

Package Includes:

Kick off Session

*Individual Deep Dive 90 minute Session & 3 x 30 minute sessions

Pre-session Worksheets | Session Summary Notes | Accountability Tracker

Re-group Session

Price 1600€ per group up to 20 attendees

*not included in group package price

Working with me is comfortable, like your favorite WFH… outfit if you can call it that!

I help employees connect with what calms them and create wellbeing techniques specific to them. I help your team members integrate more of what makes them feel good into everyday, instead of packing it in on the weekend or vacation. First we make sense of all the options, then we work together to create your work week designed to fit their life, that is of course Rooted in Calm.

Still not 100% sure? No problem.

I like to make informed decisions as well. I would like to invite you to book a free coffee connect call with me. We will have a relaxed conversation about program outcomes and if we are a good fit to work together.

After you schedule this 30-minute session with me, I will email you a short intake form. Nothing complicated, just a starting point.

Allyson is down-to-earth and really in tune with what works best for busy internationals. I was already excited during my discovery call! She crafted simple solutions with me and empowered me to set boundaries.

— Claire

Frustrated that I was slipping into old habits I reluctantly followed my wife’s advice and got a coach. Allyson was like a personal trainer, except instead of sit-ups I learned calming techniques and a new definition of success.

— Dave

Rooted in Calm