To do this I had to make changes to my end-of-year/start-of-year actives. This meant planning, saying no, and making some difficult choices. It also meant that I could slide into the New Year feeling ultra chill and kick-off 2022 renewed and ready.

Can we (re)learn enjoyment?

through self-reflection, I see clearly why my pre-pandemic life no longer serves me and by cultivating a way of life that is rooted in calm, I have found so much to enjoy in the most unassuming aspects of life.   

First worst

First worst; chores, homework, veggies. This approach served me well as a child, and hopefully will again with this first blog post. I am a transplant a few times removed, I never expected to leave Southern California and somehow it seems like a lifetime ago that I called it home. I have taken a veryContinue reading “First worst”