Reset, Reflect & Redesign

A Private Coaching Program developed to turn off the autopilot and rediscover conscious living
Do you catch yourself thinking…

I use to always make decisions on a whim, nowdays they feel like they are made for me.

Why do I say yes when I want to say no?

It feels like I’ve lost my sense of direction.

If only I was ___________, I would have the life I want.

I have so many regrets, how can I possibly be happy.

I’ve made so many mistakes, I’m sure they see me as a fraud.

This pandemic has turned my autopilot up and my sex life down.

I just do not feel good about the decisions I’m making.

I am stuck, I know I want to make changes… I am just not sure how.

Where did my carefree self disappear to?


Turn off the autopilot

Connect with your inner compass

Recognize what brings you happiness and what drains your energy

Learn techniques to slip into calm


Look at your life holistically

Explore different paths, options, and possibilities

Rediscover what makes you happy

Connect to your values


Create balance

Set boundaries

Align with your values

Feel confident in your decision making

1. Get simple and practical insights for how to apply what you have learned learned.
2. Receive a customized action plan so you know which steps to take.
3. Spend more time doing what fulfills you, make you happy and wanting to live consciously.

Book by June 21 and pay just 340€ for your private coaching package

3 Month Package Includes

Initial Discovery Session

Deep Dive Session (90 minutes)

5 x 50 minute sessions

Pre-session Worksheets

Session Summary Notes

Accountability Tracker

Weekly WhatsApp Check-in

Normal price 680€

Ready to stop hitting life’s snooze button?

Awesome. I would like to invite you to book a free discovery call with me. We will have a relaxed conversation about program outcomes and if we are a good fit to work together.

After you schedule this 30-minute session with me, I will email you a short intake form. Nothing complicated, just a starting point.

Allyson is down-to-earth and really in tune with what works best for busy internationals. I was already excited during my discovery call! She crafted simple solutions with me and empowered me to set boundaries.

— Claire

Frustrated that I was slipping into old habits I reluctantly followed my wife’s advice and got a coach. Allyson was like a personal trainer, except instead of sit-ups I learned calming techniques and a new definition of success.

— Dave

Working with me is comfortable, like your favorite Netflix outfit… if you can call it that.

I create a calm and relaxed space for you to rediscover what lead you here. Make sense of all the options and decisions, and be your guide, helping you navigate the journey towards a more conscious life.