Did you know that there are less than 80 days left in 2021?! 78 to be precise, definitely two solid months before the holiday season kicks in, in earnest. For me fall is a season for reflection, maybe it is has something to do with all the water in Leiden reflecting the beautiful changes even on the greyest of days.  As fall marches on, the days are getting shorter and the morning rituals and after-work activities that worked for me during the spring and summer, now just make me long for laying under the duvet on the couch from about 17:00 onwards.

So instead of pressuring myself to keep up something that obviously is not working, I have spent the last three weeks refining my days. First, I stopped reading in the morning this was a very natural change to the evening because (at least in my mind) they are so much longer. Second, I’ve split the start of my day into two parts, in two different locations in my home.

Morning Ritual

 Part 1 | DownstairsPart 2 | Upstairs
Hydration (room temperature)Coffee
Stretching / Gentle YogaIntention for my day
BreakfastPreparation for my day

The first part of my morning is all about waking up my body and mind in is a cozy part of my home accompanied by my favorite furry friend, Chef. Cuddles with him go unscheduled as he is a cat and therefore fickle, but they generally do happen every morning.

The second part is all about setting myself up for the day ahead. Sitting down in my office helps sharpen my focus instantly, these are the last few moments of the day before I turn to technology for the next several hours.

Lastly, I have started reflecting on the end of my day at the end of my working day. This is allowing me to set up the next day and continue to refine what is working well for me. The jury is out if I go back to nighttime journaling or not, maybe that is just for another season.

Reflection allowed me to see that physical exercise was lacking in my week, as was my motivation in the cold wet weather. I am self-motivated but I still need a carrot on the end of a stick sometimes. So, I decided to pay for Pilates – if I have paid I will do it. I know that this will not only benefit my physical health it will also boost my mental health and after three weeks I see the results. Little more bounce in my step and my cup is just a little fuller before I started.

Check out some reflection prompts that have really worked for me on IG.