Movement & Meditation

I love the simplicity of yoga.

Step into Calm – Leiden

Step into Calm is a slow-paced class where you step out of the chaos of everyday life and into a class that offers you the opportunity to breathe, connect or reconnect to your body. There is an emphasis on alignment and observing the breath to help encourage mindfulness and cultivate calm. Taking the time to settle deeper into postures helps develop a solid foundation regardless of how long you have been practicing. Expect to feel rejuvenated and ready to wind down the day, stepping away from the chaos of everyday life, and into calm at the end of class.

15€ per class or 4 classes for 55€

* Complimentary try-out lesson

Guided Mindful Meditation – Leiden

This gently guided session helps you get quiet and become comfortable with silence. By observing your thoughts and your response to those thoughts you can begin to cultivate an open and curious mind that is free from judgment. Over time this will allow you to become fully present, both in sitting silently and in everyday life, allowing you to tap into your calm oasis whenever you need.

12€ per session or 4 for 40€

* Complimentary try-out lesson

Soul Shine – Delft

Soul Shine Yoga is a practice that you can take off the mat. Breath-based held postures plus a little movement mixed in, tapping into your mind-body connection. Soul Shine makes you feel great from the inside out. This Hatha-based class is slow, but powerful, focusing on functional movement and the use of breath to expand the experience. Awaken your senses, start the day with sun salutations, and then expect to be challenged through intentional movement as you build strength and develop joint mobility. This uplifting class offers enough challenge to feel elated and enough sweetness to sink into your heart.  

Allyson’s yoga class was amazing. She has a very relaxed way of teaching that helped me really listen to my body instead of being too hard for myself. The combination of her down-to-earth instructions and her nice voice during the deepening meditation worked really well for me.

Thank you, Allyson, you’re a pro!

– Anne-Barbara

My style both on and off the mat is relaxed, inclusive, and attentive. There is a laid-back vibe to my classes which creates the space to let our guard down, laugh, and strengthen our body-mind connection and rejuvenate ourselves through the practice.

Allyson Kukel, Founder of Rooted in Calm & Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher