Journey to Calm

I come from a long line of strong, and at times troubled, women. They say things skip generations, and even if they do, the impact often leaves its mark. Growing up in a chaotic household that was rife with turmoil, I was determined to not become a product of my circumstance. This meant I started working at age 12, and that drive carried me into adulthood.

In my early twenties, I fell for a foreign guy and seized the chance to move abroad. There was no “Hollywood ending”. Like many, I spent a large chunk of my twenties in an unhappy relationship, working jobs that I did not love. Living abroad added complexity and uncertainty, making the relationship hard to end and the jobs difficult to leave.

Looking back, I see that I spent much of my early life in survival mode, which propelled me into a nomadic lifestyle. I was chasing a life I thought I wanted, but held captive by the memories and experiences that haunted me.

From twelve to thirty-nine I was sprinting a marathon. I worked to exhaustion and beyond, not listening to my body, not stopping, even when it made me physically ill. I wore that hard work and dedication as a badge of honor, until one day I did not. 

In a world that is filled with constant noise and chaos, I slowly realized how important it was to create a quiet space of calm. From this place of calm, I began reflecting on my past, which allowed me to actually be present and start to create a future that is authentically me.         

That is why I believe calm is a superpower.


The desire to explore the world pulses through my veins. Through my travels I have developed an insatiable appetite for different cultures, traditions, and foods. I have learned the true power of human connection, and that resourcefulness far exceeds resources.

In my heart, I am a citizen of the world. San Diego, Californian is my hometown which I left almost seventeen years ago. Since then, I have lived in Canada, China, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and currently reside in the Netherlands. I am often asked how I came to live here. I always answer: the scenic route.

Laughter and the ability to make the best of any situation have served me well.

Friday nights you will find me making pizza from a recipe my husband and I first discovered in Taormina, Sicily, supervised by our cat Chef.

Let’s cultivate something together.