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Your Journey to Calm

You might feel like you are failing at everything, and this can destroy your self-confidence.

In our hyper-connected world, it is easy to be connected ALL THE TIME while feeling disconnected from ourselves and those around us because we are so busy doing, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed.

As a modern woman to others, it looks like you have it all together, while inside you are desperately trying to keep all the balls you are juggling in the air. The trouble is you end up spreading yourself too thin and never feel like you can complete anything properly, having real consequences. Maybe you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep due to worry or are having one too many glasses of wine at night, or even have a twitchy eye or pain in your chest.

Lasting change takes time, the good news is the benefits of a calmer living can be felt immediately.

Your journey to calm is supported by three pillars; wellbeing, confidence and resilience.

Allyson Kukel - Founder of Rooted in Calm


Your mind is feeling full right now. You internalize all your feelings and try to keep going, but you end up exhausted and then feel guilty for not being present with those around you – or worse short-tempered with your children, not to mention your partner.

You are frustrated with neglecting your own needs and staying stuck in this cycle but lack the confidence to move forward.

Looking after your wellbeing is so important as it affects how you feel about all areas of your life. It can help you improve the way you feel every day and prepare you for the times when you aren’t feeling your best.


When confidence is low, you tend to see yourself in a more negative light. I know it’s hard when your inner critic is holding you back, but you have so much untapped potential within you, don’t waste it.

It’s time to release your fears to achieve whatever you want to in life. Confidence is like a muscle that you need to keep strengthening a little more everyday. That’s why we focus on simple strategies that will have a bigger impact and create lasting change for you.

Allyson Kukel - Founder of Rooted in Calm
Allyson Kukel - Founder of Rooted in Calm


Working on yourself and developing your resilience will help you to manage your emotions better, understand what’s within and outside of your control, identify how changing your attitude can change your outcomes, and how developing your self-belief will help you better cope with the pressures of life.

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Client’s Journey to Calm

“I spill my heart and guts – and Allyson takes them and puts them together like a puzzle, patiently, considerately. Thus giving meaningful direction to what I thought was utterly incoherent, gently guiding me to decisions I would not have thought myself capable of. To, Allyson has been a steady lighthouse in the could thunderstorm I call my work life.”

Beeke , From Munich

Recognizing that my team was suffering a little from a lack of personal connection and reflection over the past two years due to COVID19, I decided that they would benefit from a team development session. I wanted a session that allowed time to consider how working life patterns had changed so I contacted Allyson from Rooted in Calm. From the moment I reached out, I knew that the team was in good hands. We gave ourselves four hours, but it should have been longer!

Hannah, MD Customer Experience, Strategy & Programs FedEx

Allyson was able to take the cultural values that we try to embody from the business and provide tools and techniques that enabled the team members to combine them with their personal values. Allyson created an agenda that was perfectly tailored to our needs, circumvented curve balls with ease. The team engaged fully with the exercises, connected with the ideas and the session is still spoken about fondly today. I would fully recommend talking to Allyson and having her run a session for you and your team!

Hannah, MD Customer Experience, Strategy & Programs FedEx

My own Journey to Calm

Reflecting back, I see that I spent much of my early life in survival mode, which propelled me into a nomadic lifestyle. I was chasing a life I thought would make me happy while silently being captive by my past, unable to truly move forward.

I was sprinting a marathon. I worked to exhaustion and beyond, wearing my hard work as a badge of honor, until one day I did not.

It was not by choice that I stepped off the fast-moving merry-go-round, you see, I was made redundant. The sting caused a visceral reaction, twenty-five years of near-constant forward motion came to a halt, along with the rest of the world as the pandemic set in.

Change Happens

My knee jerk was to immediately launch into finishing my bachelor’s degree, I always felt inadequate not having it and now I had zero excuses not to finish. In parallel, a quiet awareness started pulsing through my veins. I began connecting dots and developing a deeper self-awareness. Yoga and meditation slowly became part of every day. I was slowing down, cultivating calm. My thoughts got lighter, the tension behind my eye and across my chest started to melt away and I did not feel the need to do.

Discovering my passion

Over time I realized I wanted to help others find this calm because this is where I was able to rebuild my confidence, let go of the past, and decide how I truly wanted to live.

We are often scared of doing that inner work, understandably so. It has been life-changing for me, helping me find my purpose, and what I am truly passionate about. My these three workstreams are as varied as I am; supporting individual and corporate coaching clients, teaching yoga, and consulting in aviation training. You really can create positive change in your life when you start believing in yourself and take the action to make it happen.

I have found balance and happiness living a calmer life. In a world that is filled with constant noise and chaos, I have slowly realized how important it is to create a quiet space of calm.

There will always be obstacles to overcome along the way, by building the confidence you develop resilience which helps you face your challenges head-on. That is why it is so important to me that we lay the foundations for success, taking those small steps towards achieving your goals. Taking that first step on your journey is often the most difficult, which is why it is so important to have someone supporting you.

How I work

I bring a laid-back, open-minded, international perspective. I have lived in seven countries, traveled to more than fifty and worked with countless countries across the globe. I know how easy it is to lose yourself along the way, of course, your confidence can take a hit. I also understand what it’s like when you are in challenging roles or running a business, you always feel like you are always switched on, prioritizing everything except yourself.

I am not a magician I cannot create more hours in a day, I can help you establish daily routines that support the outcomes you desire and get ruthless about what you are allocating your attention to.

It’s not easy, but I have learned to slow down and create that time to reconnect with myself. This is why I feel compelled to share my own experience and expertise to help others improve their emotional, mental and physical well-being.

you are capable of achieving more
so let’s make it happen.

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Allyson Kukel

Accredited European Mentoring and Coaching Council
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner
Bachelors Business Administration from the University of Lincoln
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach
Certified Motivational Coach
Mentor at Resilient Pilot
Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society

I belive that

Calm is a Superpower