Five simple hacks to fall into a life you love:

  1. Create a new fall ritual or indulge in one that you could not last year
  2. Seasonal clothing swap
  3. Set an end-of-year goal
  4. Make the most of the long nights and get some extra sleep
  5. Give yourself a break, you are doing your best

This fall I am all for indoor cozy warm coffee. A coffee or hot coco will not break the bank and tucked away in a café with a book or a good friend makes those cold windy days of standing in the park last fall feel a world away.

Swap out your wardrobe for the season, do a closet clean up and host a second-hand party.

I love an end of year goal, ends the year on a great note and motivates me to continue into the new year.  A simple one is to commit to meatless Monday’s the planet will love you for it, and you will feel great about ticking that win off your list every week.

It is very easy to click continue on Netflix or play just one more game on your phone or PC, it also feels amazing to wake up refreshed! That is why I use the downtime reminder on my phone, just in case I am too engrossed with that book or limited series.

Finally, give yourself a break, the last year and a half has been hard. We are incredibly hard on ourselves so give yourself some love and compassion (like you would your best friend) it will feel so much better than all that back-to-normal judgment you’ve been pilling on.