Short line about work-week reset

A proven method to improve productivity

Work-Week Reset

Short explanation of what the work-week reset is – Help employees thrive in the hybrid work environment. A step by step approach.

Have you asked your employees how to make the other 40 hours
more valuable to them?

A traditional 5-day workweek breaks down to 40 hours for work, 40 hours for sleep, and 40 hours for everything else. You are asking employees to consider the days they want to work, without truly pausing to consider how they spend their time, or better yet, they want to spend their time.

40 Hours for work

The average work week is 40 hours, a high percentage of their time expected to remain productive.

40 Hours of sleep

8 Hours of sleep on working days is scientifically proven to be the most effective.

40 Hours for….

Walking the dog? Looking after children? Cooking? How much time is left to do what they enjoy.

How it works

What they will learn

Your team will learn reflection techniques to decipher what is important to them, so they can do more of it.

This gives way to bookending the start and the end of the workday. They will connect their individual purpose to their day-to-day work which allows them to bring more of themselves into the work they are doing.

They will examine the way they are spending their time; from Netflix to bouldering there is a place for everything – the essential element is that it is done with intention.

How does it benefit the employer?

Explain return on investment, proven results, what it gets them

What’s included in the session

Hammer home investment into the business, better for everyone. Less stress, easier workflow and more productivity, less sick days, less burnout, better team

Investment : €794.00

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