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Wellbeing programs are a leading solution for cost savings by reducing burnout-related sick time. A wellbeing program fosters a culture of wellbeing that extends past working hours that can enable employees and their partners to learn strategies for long-term health and wellbeing, taking a holistic approach early, before they are at risk for burnout.

Forbes, The Growing Importance Of Employee Wellness: How Are You Responding?
Allyson Kukel - Founder of Rooted in Calm

I draw from over twenty years of corporate experience of which seventeen have been abroad, working for and with multinational and international companies. I have worked across continents, languages, communication styles, and diverse cultural landscapes. This allows me to comfortably and authentically empathize, stepping into another person or team’s shoes to recognize the challenges they face.

I find balance and comfort being multifaceted which allows me to lead Airline Engagement for the Halldale Group which specializes in Aviation Training.

Working part-time in aviation allows me to continue to build business acumen beyond entrepreneurship and coaching, enabling me to
relate to the current challenges facing people and teams in the workplace with humble kindness.

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My Key skills

  • Creating safe and supportive space

  • Insatiable curiosity

  • Advocating self-awareness

  • Time management and goal setting

  • Building connections and relationships

  • Strategizing and innovating

Coaching & Facilitation

Corporate Services

Work-week reset corporate package

Work-Life intergration

By taking the time to step back and assess their lives with the help of a coach, your team will feel confident stepping away from work and taking time for themselves. A good work-life balance leads to improved employee morale, productivity, and higher employee retention.

TeaM Coaching

Bring your team together to reconnect with each other and your organization. The team will discover their values and purpose, enabling them to connect with those of the business and feel more engaged in their day-day. They will learn tools for stress management, hybrid-work planning, and more.



Take the weight off the shoulders of your leaders. Stepping off-site to build confidence, deepen resilience and develop new insights as they work with me to analyze workplace problems and prepare plans for the future. They will also learn new tools to reduce stress both in and out of the office.


“If health is the essence of your brand, it all starts with taking the health of your workforce very seriously.”

Marnix Eikenboom

President, Danone


Recognizing that my team was suffering a little from a lack of personal connection and reflection over the past two years due to COVID19, I decided that they would benefit from a team development session. I wanted a session that allowed time to consider how working life patterns had changed so I contacted Allyson from Rooted in Calm. From the moment I reached out, I knew that the team was in good hands. We gave ourselves four hours, but it should have been longer!

Hannah, MD Customer Experience, Strategy & Programs FedEx

Allyson was able to take the cultural values that we try to embody from the business and provide tools and techniques that enabled the team members to combine them with their personal values. Allyson created an agenda that was perfectly tailored to our needs, circumvented curve balls with ease. The team engaged fully with the exercises, connected with the ideas and the session is still spoken about fondly today. I would fully recommend talking to Allyson and having her run a session for you and your team!

Hannah, MD Customer Experience, Strategy & Programs FedEx