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Are you bold enough to embrace calm? Be the leader that cultivates a workplace where employees thrive.

Wellbeing that Works

This half-day program is ideally balanced to support your employees’ wellbeing during work hours and beyond. Blending tools and techniques that will seamlessly help them transition between WFH and life at home.

Working from home blurs the line between work and life to an extent that most employees have yet to strike a balance. Learn how to put some bookends around the workday and bring some peaceful pauses in-between zoom calls and school runs.

Compassion for DEI

Compassion, a word which is rarely used in the corporate setting and is the root of cultivating diversity, equality and inclusion in your workplace.

When we strive to be come better than we are. Everything around us becomes better too.

Paulo Coelho

Calm is a Superpower

Ideal for individuals and small groups. This session is all about fun and connection discovering your superhero.

Don’t think of me as your facilitator.

Your team is amazing, and you need to entrust someone that will ensure that they will walk away feeling connected, engaged, and grateful they spent this time together. You will have stronger commitment, collaborative decision-making, and inclusive outcomes.

“I really liked your tone of voice, the design of the presentations (pictures), and overall style, it made me feel calm :)”

-Wellbeing that Works attendee