Corporate Services

Are you bold enough to embrace calm? Be the leader that cultivates a workplace where employees thrive.

Work Week Reset

Have you asked your employees how to make the other 40 hours more valuable to them? This program is for company’s that want to support their workforce during this time of transition. Blending small group sessions with individual deep dives allows your team to create a workweek that is designed around their life allowing them to be more engaged in your organization.

Cultivating Growth

Ideal for individuals and small groups. Developing roots for teams to grow and be successful. Helping new teams or leaders cultivate calm, the root of excellent decision making and spontaneous thoughts. Let’s plant that next big idea.

Making Space for the C word

Compassion, something that is rarely used in the corporate setting but is most certainly what is missing from your team. Rooted in Calm cultivates compassion in your team in a guided workshop with breakout sessions.

Mapping & Facilitation: Ideation, Values, Strategies and more

Your team is amazing, you have a brilliant idea but you are unsure how to kick this project off? You know you need to move to a fully digitized solution but you are not sure how to get your multi-generational team on board? From feature mapping to ideation or off-site meeting facilitation do yourself a favor and leave this to Rooted in Calm. Not only will your team appreciate that you did, they will also walk away with a deep sense of calm to take back to the office.

An agile approach to cultivating calm.

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