Individual Coaching

How can coaching support me?

Coaching is as valuable as the work that you are willing to put into it. Think of it like going to the gym, going once per week will not yield much result, if you do not do anything the rest of the week. In our coaching session, you get insights, make connections, learn tips and tricks, and set weekly goals; what you do between your scheduled sessions is where incremental change that results in lasting change takes place.

As your coach, I am supportive whilst holding you accountable to your goals.

How I can help you

When your confidence is low, you tend to see yourself and the world around you in a more negative light. This is why you need someone to support you, independent of your friends, family, or colleagues. This can be especially true when living abroad, which is where I come in.

One-to-one coaching will support you in:

  • Understanding why you overthink, procrastinate or have trouble saying no
  • Learning strategies for reducing stress
  • Strategizing how to handle stressful people/conversations/situations
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Accepting change
  • Developing self-compassion to increase confidence and build resilience
  • Gaining confidence in your daily life
  • Discovering what makes you happy
  • Creating true life balance – whatever that looks like for you

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The secret to confidence:


Coaching options

One-to-One coaching is tailored to your individual needs. Below are two of my most popular options and I am happy to discuss other ways of supporting your desired outcomes.

Transitionary Teamwork

  • On-Line or In-person

  • Deep Dive Session (90 minutes)

  • 5 x 50-minute sessions

  • Pre-session worksheets

  • Session summary notes

  • Accountability check-ins and tracker

  • WhatsApp check-in’s

  • Approximately 4 months of working together


Targeted Support

  • On-Line or In-person

  • Deep Dive Session (90 minutes)

  • 12 x 50-minute session

  • Detailed planning; personal and professional

  • Development of retirement transition

  • Pre-session worksheets

  • Session summary notes

  • Accountability check-ins and tracker

  • WhatsApp check-in’s

  • Approximately 8 months of working together


Stress and schedule management tools are always included during your coaching journey. Depending on your interests bespoke guided meditation and/or recommended yoga practices are also available.

Payments plans are available.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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calm is your superpower

  • This program is simple, powerful and will leave you feeling gorgeous inside and out

  • It includes private yoga, meditation mindfulness, coaching and so much more

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Group Program

  • Blended on-line and in-person program that brings you the power of your peers

  • Explore hidden talents and silent strengths

  • Learn stress management techniques to integrate into your day-to-day

  • Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or blazing a trail up the corporate ladder there is a place for everyone around this table where we can learn from each other

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On-Line Client – Journey to Calm

“I spill my heart and guys – and Allyson takes them and puts them together like a puzzle, patiently, considerately. Thus giving meaningful direction to what I thought was utterly incoherent, gently guiding me to decisions I would not have thought myself capable of. To, Allyson has been a steady lighthouse in the could thunderstorm I call my work life.”

Beeke , From Munich