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Why can’t we wake up?

ed. Thanks to Corona we some of us can WFH, which evaporated our daily commute and has provided greater autonomy and flexibility. Many are still working to a widget making schedule because either we have not or our employers has not evolved to view tasks and deliverables more important than hours worked. Hours aside, My question to you is what can you add, subtract, or shake up to rekindle that yearning to leap out of bed in the morning?

Mental Fitness

Most of us are firmly rooted in our thought patterns and responses. They are our armor, our shield that we equip daily without even recognizing it. The older we get, the more hardwired our neural pathways become, which makes it difficult to have an agile mindset, to break out of our well-trodden thoughts. Fortunately, weContinue reading “Mental Fitness”

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