Bespoke Services

Wellness or wellbeing is a state of being, whereby you feel good. This starts with taking balanced care of yourself.

If you are unsure of what wellbeing looks like for you, that is not a problem it is a starting point.

Perhaps you already know what is causing you stress or uncertainty and we can target those areas specifically.

Maybe you just want to take a stroll around this amazing city, feel truly listened to, and walk away feeling a little lighter.

Leiden, key to calm

Leiden is referred to as the “Sleutelstad” or key city because of the coat of arms. Explore the heart of Leiden as you discover your key to calm.

You cannot move forward without looking back. It’s normal for people to have negative experiences in their past. Acceptance and forgiveness are needed to move into the future. The ability to calm your mind creates the space to just think and process.

From a space of calm, we build or rebuild your foundations, tapping into your beliefs, rules, or values.

You can see the legend as your foundations, the compass as your authentic self, we are plotting the destination, and you are learning to savor the journey.

€110 (100 minutes)

Pilgrims Path

When the Pilgrims set out for America they found themselves living in Leiden for several years. Walk the path of the pilgrims as you discover your own way forward.

Do you find that you have lost your way? Or that the path you are on is not a happy one.

Do you need support to find a new sense of direction or purpose?

What are the first steps you can take towards a life that feels great?

What do you think you will encounter as you reach for your goal(s)?

How will you chart your journey?

Learn to use the GROW model to keep you on course.

€110 (100 minutes)

Leiden Singelloop

Do you feel like you are going around in circles and not making any progress? Then the Leiden Singellop Coaching Session is for you.

There is a difference between living consciously and living on autopilot. When you are on autopilot you are merely going through the motions of life but not living it. It can often feel akin to sleepwalking, wondering how Monday morning arrived so soon. You might even attribute it to your drive and dedication not realizing that the present moment is slipping by.

Stop hitting life’s snooze button!

Learn to recognize unhappy patterns.

Set boundaries and prioritize your happiness.

Discover how amazing being awake, off autopilot and in the moment feels.

€110 (100 minutes)

Leiden Lifestyle

Ever wonder why Leideners seem to be so relaxed? Learn about laid-back local living. Discover the keys to the Leiden lifestyle.

“I spill out my heart and guts – and Allyson takes them and puts them together like a puzzle, patiently, considerately. Thus giving meaningful direction to what I thought was utterly incoherent, gently guiding me to decisions I would not have thought myself capable of. To me, Ally has been a steady lighthouse in the cloudy thunderstorm I call my work life.”

Beeke from Munich

Let me take you on a wellbeing journey through Leiden.