To know me is to know my wanderlust runs deep. Wherever I have traveled, I have been amazed at human resilience and equally intrigued by our ability to preserve, overcome and even thrive, despite having no roadmap, and little sense of direction. To that end, I have found that resourcefulness and kindness trump resource and cunning, that happiness is found in simplicity.

It is no coincidence that human connection is at the heart Rooted in Calm. 

When you decide to create the space for calm it can reset your whole baseline. It is just a totally different way of operating.

It is a little bit like sleeping. We know that we need 7 or more hours and yet so many people continue to semi-function on 5 hours, constantly exhausted. The same is true for your mind. Constantly worrying, feeling anxious, second-guessing yourself and your decisions fatigues your mind. Over time this culminates in brain fog, poor decision making, and feeling like you sleepwalking through life.

The ability to calm your mind creates the space to just think and process.

Did you know that making sense of your past and realizing that worry only exists in your mind frees up a lot of mental real estate?

You cannot move forward without looking back. It’s normal for people to have negative experiences in their past. Acceptance and forgiveness is needed to move into the future.

Eventually, you will create the mental space that gives you the ability to come up with big ideas, like when you have that ah-ha moment under the shower on vacation because you finally gave yourself (and your mind mind) a break.

This is why I have chosen to work with driven individuals.

Those that put their hand-up to volunteer and stand up for what is right. Those that move country for work, love, or adventure. 

Let’s get you Rooted in Calm.

I help driven individuals find not only the right path but also a healthy life pace. I guide those that desire change, to understand why. I help navigate uncharted territory to make sense of new surroundings and then decide which way to go. Mapping out a journey with confidence, getting you exactly where you want to be.

Simple tools & step by step. 

If it is complicated, you are not going to do it. Your brain does not work that way. We are innately a little bit lazy as humans, so we just want to do it the simple way. When you have simple building blocks, you can figure out what works for you.

From a space of calm, we build or rebuild your foundations, tapping into your beliefs, rules, or values. You can see the legend as your foundations, the compass as your authentic self, we are plotting the destination, and you are learning to savor the journey.

You need to understand your values in order to live a life that’s closer to them.

And sometimes values change over time. What was important to you 5 years ago, may not be now. You are always changing and life is constantly evolving. Sometimes we get caught up living in the past “oh, when I was 28 life was perfect” but we are not that same person anymore. And sometimes we paint ourselves into a corner and we don’t know how to get out of it. It is OK to change your opinion and evolve as a person

Driven people are often very busy people, their desire to push forward and achieve sometimes gets in the way of living consciously.

Living consciously is a way of living your best life because you’re making conscious decisions about what you do with your time, the kind of lifestyle you have.

What do I mean by that?

If sustainability is important to you, and yet you have no idea where to purchase local products, you might be unconsciously making decisions that are not aligned with your values. Sometimes it is difficult to connect the dots when you are focused on what drives you.

Another way to look at living consciously is to think about how it feels to be in survival mode. Can you remember that feeling of being in financial survival mode? You can also be in survival mode mentally, where you’re not thinking consciously, you’re just doing what you need to do to get by. Have you thought about why you are so focused on the next promotion? Do you think the bigger house is really going to make you happier? Will the next vacation solve the problems that you are putting on pause while you are away?

There is a difference between living consciously and living on autopilot. When you are on autopilot you are merely going through the motions of life but not living it. It can often feel akin to sleepwalking, wondering how Monday morning arrived so soon. You might even attribute it to your drive and dedication not realizing that the present moment is slipping by.

Discover your own idea of what authentically matters to you. How you define success and happiness. What you think might differ from society, cultural norms, those of your peers and family. It is okay to give yourself permission to stop living to please others.

Look up, take stock.

Take a critical look at yourself and your direction.

Do you like what you see?

If not then it is time to make a change.

Allyson is the perfect storm of strength and kindness.


The Serious Stuff:

Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Lincoln

EMCC Accredited

Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Certified Motivational Coach

Mentor at Resilient Pilot

Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society