Don’t Rush, it won’t get you anywhere.

Rushing is a bit like multi-tasking we often do it even though we know it isn’t good for us. I use to always rush because I said yes to one too many things, or I thought I could just pop by the shop on the way, or because I hit snooze.

Nowadays, I say no a little more easily. I truly consider what I need, which means I am at the shops much less. Usually squeezing one more meal than anticipated from the leftovers and deciding not to purchase new clothing for the first six months of this year. I do hit snooze but only once, giving myself the chance to wake up, and getting out of bed before the next alert goes.

I give myself time and a margin of error (the bridge is up, hitting every red light, finding a parking spot) spacing my commitments so I can be truly present in what I am doing and not considering what is coming next. That means sometimes I am early, which feels way better than being late and usually a lot less sweaty. That time is not wasted, I usually have a book and if not I take the time to message a friend that is down at the bottom of my WhatsApp message.

I have a paper agenda to keep track of the multiple digital calendars that do not quite sync up. I have said it before and I will say it again:

Being organized is Sexy!

I honestly believe that rushing is bad for our health, I will do some research and get some data for another post. In the meantime consider giving yourself what you need to not rush, summer is in full swing and it is time to restore, not to rush.

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