Pack your Patience

Do not forget to pack your patience this summer. As the temperatures soar sometimes our patience plummets just when it is needed the most.  For some, this is the first time in three years that they are embarking on their annual summer vacation pilgrimage, to a beloved holiday destination or somewhere new and exotic.

Not only are our fellow travelers rusty the entire ecosystem that supports these journeys is as well, whether you are traveling across the Netherlands or flying to Fiji. The WBII wants you to feel supported in your business and in your life so we put a few tips together to help you keep your cup of patience full this summer.

In her book, The Happiness Project the author Gretchen Rubin acknowledges that she copes better with challenges on a full stomach. Consider taking a page out of her book and ensuring you are both hydrated and hunger-free. 

Patience is akin to wisdom, consider tapping into your inner sage when navigating long queues. If you feel too far gone for this, take three deep breaths – check out this informative video from TIME for more.   

Consider that the people that you are interacting with are not that different from you. Those that are serving your coffee inflight were stuck home worried about their jobs for the last two years. The call center agent trying to find your lost bag had to navigate working from home with a toddler. By tapping into our common humanity we can find connection through our shared experiences and remember that it was tough on us too.

Do you have some tips for keeping your patience topped up?

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