Consciousness Cleanse

Two years ago I rediscovered pajama days, those luxurious days when you stay in your PJ’s for the entire day watching Netflix, ordering delivery, and recharging your batteries. Think of a consciousness cleanse as a mental pajama day that helps support you to remove some of that soul sludge that has been weighing you down.

What is soul sludge?

It is all those unconscious decisions we’ve made, that bad relationship that we stayed in too long, that mental fogginess that we cannot seem to blow away. Over time this all adds up taking up valuable mental space, like those too-small clothes cluttering the back of your wardrobe.

Where can I buy mental Drain-O?

You can’t. You can however invest in yourself and take consciousness cleanse day that is as much about what you take in as what you remove. You must acknowledge all of that soul sludge that has piled up over the years, whether consciously or subconsciously. As the soul sludge starts to melt away there is more space for creativity, positivity, and clarity.

Solarity (Soul + Clarity)

When you’ve created that calm quiet space to remove your soul sludge you can get crystal clear on what is important, so you can do more of what brings you joy and energizes you.

Get my simple guide to support your consciousness cleanse here.

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