Clearing your head is temporary

Cleansing your mind is lasting.

Run, surf, kick-box, yoga, cleaning… there are so many different ways that people clear their minds. We have all had moments when we need to clear our minds, after a heated debate with our partner as to the nuance between the dishwasher and dishwasher adjacent, or after receiving a particularly condescending email from a colleague. It can be cathartic to don headphones and pound the pavement to clear your head.

The challenge lies in when there isn’t an opportunity to step away to get this mental space, or when you have so much going on in your head these little incidents start piling up (just like those dishes that are dishwasher adjacent).

 So what can you do?


  • Clean your space – data links a rise in cortisol to physical clutter, especially for women

Quick fix

  • Create a calming mantra for example tapping each finger to your thumb as you say “I am at peace”

A little bit longer fix

  • CTRL + ALT + DEL to lock the laptop set your phone to airplane mode and the timer for three minutes. Take that pause, some deep breaths, and enjoy the silence. Get off your chair if possible.

Longer-term fix

  • Spend some quiet time with yourself regularly, minutes to start with – it is more about consistency than duration.

Wondering how to get started?  Read 10 % Happier an accessible book to learn more about mediation. Check out Calm the app geared for just that, there are plenty out there that just happens to be my preferred app. Many apps have a complimentary trial period. A quiet space can also be outside – just try to be free of distraction and feel safe enough to close your eyes.

It is one thing to clear your head, it is another to cleanse your mind. The latter allows you to connect with your thoughts, make sense of them, understand, and eventually accept them – maybe potentially even make peace with them.

My mental cleanse is consistent mediation; I am less brittle, more in tune with the connection between my thoughts and actions, my thoughts and reactions, my thoughts and experiences. 

Remember you are not your thoughts.

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