2020 forced me to slow down⁠

2021 taught me to savor a new pace⁠

2022 will be Rooted in Calm

⁠In the past, I felt like a sprinter lined up ready to jump off the line at the crack of the first New Year’s eve firework. Likely due to the lingering anxiety I was feeling, having not worked for the last week, and working about what still needed doing. 

Life has changed, so have I.  Giving myself the time to completely unwind at the end of the year, to recharge. Sleeping is one thing, did you know that there are seven types of rest? I needed more rest, not more sleep. To learn more about them check out this Ted article. To do this I had to make changes to my end-of-year/start-of-year actives. This meant planning, saying no, and making some difficult choices. It also meant that I could slide into the New Year feeling ultra chill and kick-off 2022 renewed and ready.

My focus this year is:

🎈 letting go

🌱 nourishing strength

⏰ living intentionally

🙏 gratitude

♥️ letting kindness lead

What does that mean?

I believe letting go is a lifelong process, something we can let go of quickly other things can take decades, maybe even a lifetime. I intend to pay attention to what is weighing me down and work on letting things go, bit by bit.

When I was younger I focused on the strength of my body. As I advance in age and career that shifted to my mind, developing mental strength at the expense of my body and not even thinking of my soul.  This year I want balance in nourishing my mind, body, and soul.

When I speak of living intentionally sometimes I am met with a blank stare… what do you mean?  I want to be intentional about what I am doing (or what I am not doing). I do not want to live on autopilot. No snoozing through 2022, from a place of calm, I will get crystal clear on the choices that are guiding my life direction.

I want to live with a humble heart, grateful for all I have. 

I once had a boss that said I was too “motherly” which I sheepishly hid from at the time, of course. I was mentally tough, hardworking, ectara… but if I am honest, that was more of my shield and less of me. Kindness and compassion are at my core. I want to carry that forward into the work I do and am dedicated to helping others do the same.

What are you doing this month to set your own pace for 2022?

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