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Allyson Kukel

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I’m a Transformational Coach specializing in motivation, confidence, and resilience. I’m passionate about supporting (mostly) women to take control of both their mental and physical health.

If you are looking for support to build confidence, and resilience or even just make time for yourself, then you are in the right spot. Especially, if you are an ex-pat or have repatriated during the pandemic.

Discover the Journey To Calm

That is why I believe

Calm is a Superpower

Allyson Kukel - Founder of Rooted in Calm

I’m Allyson

and so glad you are here.

Yoga, coffee, and cooking bring joy to my day. I am insatiably curious and love exploring from thrift shops to ancient world wonders, there is always something magical in discovering.

I am passionate about helping women to stop, pause and catch their breath. I was also going 120 kilometers per hour for years and know how important creating a space for calm is. Change is possible for you too!

Friday nights you will find me making pizza from a recipe discovered in Sicily.

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Custom tailored experiences. Stepping away from it all even briefly allows you to reflect, gain perspective, leaving you calm yet inspired.



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Are you ready to stop prioritizing everyone and everything but yourself?

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True corporate wellbeing reduces burnout, boosts engagement, increases retention, and sense of belonging in your team.

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